Seven Games I Want to See on the Virtual Console in 2015

It being the start of a new year, it’s only natural for us to wonder about what things the next twelve months might hold. Since I happen to really like Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, it’s also only natural for me to wonder about the games we’ll see added to it before 2016 arrives. I suppose some of these are a little optimistic (though still within the realm of possibility) so consider this more of a wish list than a list of predictions.

1. Mother 3

It’s such a shame that this game wasn’t released outside of Japan as it’s one of those games that I really would like to play. I hear so many things about it, about the emotional storyline, about how it’s so unexpectedly dark andit sounds so good to me. EarthBound (or, Mother 2) was released in England for the first time via the Virtual Console in 2012, maybe something similar could happen with this? It may seem extremely unlikely, but don’t forget, in Nintendo’s Robot Chicken skit at E3 the angry fan who was ignored demanded Mother 3 and a new Star Fox game, and a new Star Fox game is being made…


tumblr_nfrz0ap0Pa1ssjt3yo1_500-Virtual Console

2. Starwing

Speaking of Star Fox, it’s a shame that the first game in the series, Starwing (or, just Star Fox as it was known everywhere else) has never been available on the Virtual Console. It seems that this might be due to some technical difficulties with porting it, but what with this being such a historically significant game, you’d think finding a way would be a priority of the Virtual Console department. What’s worse is that, unlike a lot of other SNES games, it never received a GBA remake, so, many may not have experienced this game in any form.


Starwing-Virtual Console

3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Speaking of the GBA remakes Yoshi’s Island did get one and this version of the game also happens to be available on the Virtual Console! So, shouldn’t I just be happy with that? Well, I never got a chance to play the original on the SNES and have wanted to for a while. I have played the GBA remake and even have it downloaded on my 3DS, but I’ve also played both the SNES and GBA versions of the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy and they’re significantly different experiences (with the SNES versions being slightly superior) so I can’t help but wonder what I’m missing out on with the original Yoshi’s Island. Again, I think technical difficulties are holding them back, but you’d think this game would be a priority.


Yoshi's_Island_-_Gameplay-Virtual Console

4. Donkey Kong 64

On the subject of Donkey Kong, there’s only one Rare-made main series game left to be released. Donkey Kong 64 is an excellent platformer that has you playing as Donkey, Diddy, Tiny, Lanky and Chunky Kong in a quest to find golden bananas (and various other items) throughout various worlds in order to stop King K. Rool from destroying Donkey Kong Island. It’s full of memorable locations, comedic characters and a lovely soundtrack. The problem is that this game contains a complete playable copy of the ZX Spectrum game Jet Pac which is now owned by Microsoft, but for such a small thing, surely an arrangement could be made? Also, it goes without saying that Nintendo really need to make Nintendo 64 games available on the Wii U.


Project64_2011-12-21_10-33-05-69-Virtual Console

5. Mario Paint

This was always a fun little creative title and with the advent of touch screens, I’m surprised we haven’t seen another Mario Paint game. But, anyway, this would make an excellent addition to the Wii U Virtual Console (and the 3DS one, if it ever gets SNES titles). You could draw on the gamepad using a stylus and share all of your pictures for everybody to see on Miiverse! And if they could find a way to make it possible to share creations from the game’s music making system, then I imagine it would be very popular indeed.


mp_scream-Virtual Console


6. Pokémon Generation I & II

If you find yourself with a copy of the original cartridges of these games there’s a very high chance that you won’t be able to play them properly anyway because their save batteries will almost certainly have expired. It’d be wonderful if they were added to the 3DS Virtual Console with wireless connection to each other. Sure, all of these games have been remade, but those remakes are getting to be a little rare and are quite different experiences. There’s also never been a remake of the all the new content in Pokémon Yellow Version either. As other old games have had wireless multiplayer added to them, I don’t see why they don’t do the same for these.


2pfHU-Virtual Console

7. Any Fire Emblem game from before 2003

This one is extremely unlikely, but I’d really like it to happen. I love the Fire Emblem series and I feel quite sad that the chance of me getting to play the first six games in the series are quite low. Nintendo probably don’t want to put all the effort into translating these text-heavy games, but I’d download them even if they were available for download in Japanese! I could just play it with my laptop open beside me to read translations during the cutscenes, and once I’ve memorised all the options on the menus, I’ll be able to happily play through these with the translation issue only being a minor one. But sadly this is probably the least likely thing on the list.


Fe1screenshot-Virtual Console

What would you like to see on the Virtual Console this year? I’ve tried to mainly think of Nintendo games, since Nintendo runs the service and all, but there are lots of other games out there that I could have listed. Let’s hope we get at least one of them.



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