Gamescom 2015 & New Sponsors – Pro Gamer Insights

Thanks once again to everyone who banded together to raise the money for me to go to gamescom. you guys wanted your voices heard in the games media in 2015 and thank you for choosing me – Pro Gamer.



Hopefully in the future I would like to attend more of these events and work more closely with my sponsors for cross-promotion branding. I think that together we can make it a reality.


I will be looking into options to allow users to continue to fund and support me, as we cannot continue to bring Kickstarter’s servers down (as we did on the day the first day of funding – June 15th)


Please buy 7-Up Free.


look at the other videos made by rice digital who i have to be linked to because my mum said so – here is the link MUM: click here.

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