Gather a Moe Army in SRPG Moekuri on Steam!

Moekuri is a new anime-style SRPG from Mokyusoft and Culture Select, and it’s available on Steam! Choose from 151 cute girls you can take into battle – all fully voiced and with unique art from comiket artists across Japan!



Moekuri lets you take a party of 6 Creatures into battle, so you can choose your team to best suit your playstyle! There are 25 story mode grid-based stages, as well as a free battle mode for honing your tactics, and an unlockable hard mode for those who crave a challenge.



The art across the game is adorable, which is to be expected with Koi of Is the Order a Rabbit? behind the illustrations for the main cast. The huge amount of characters with unique fighting styles and art is a wonderful feature, and provides lots of incentive for changing up teams and getting to grips with a number of different tactics!



Moekuri is available on Steam for only £8.99 here.

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