The GazettE Promotes New Album「DOGMA」

Visual Kei rock is not dead. The GazettE are back promoting their new gritty album,「DOGMA」, due to be released this year, on the 1st November.


The GazettE promotes new album 「DOGMA」
‘We’re doing another dark concept? Better do a serious pose.’


They call their new concept ‘The Beginning of Ominous Year’. What this phrase actually means is anyone’s guess but it is clear that the band is returning to it’s original roots, with a sprinkle more darkness and extra, heavy solos.  If you like the classic dark and heavy sound of Visual Kei you’ll enjoy the flavour of The GazettE. This band is certainly not for the faint hearted or the Jpop fanbase by a long margin.


If you’re feeling brave you can take a look at their disgustingly cheesy promotional page, Project Darkage. (It gets worse.) But I would suggest taking a look at their brand new PV, 『OMINOUS』,instead. It’s a honest teaser of what The GazettE promises to deliver that will leave many fans hungry for more. Take a look.



For many fans, The GazettE stands out among other Visual Kei bands by making full use of each member’s talent. This band is a also a true believer of solos, whether that is Uruha or Aoi shredding ridiculous guitar melodies, Reita showing off with impossible bass rythmns, or Kai sadistically pounding his drum kit in the most beautiful way, there’s something for everyone. To wrap it up their vocalist, Ruki, sings in a gentle 80’s style melody only to switch at an instant to the metal grind of Visual Kei we all know and love.


We can expect 「DOGMA」to stand out as one of the most anticipated albums for J-Rock this year. We can only hope that the band does not full under the huge level of pressure their promotions have built.


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