Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates Newest Trailer Has You Fighting Perverted Monsters

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is Compile Heart’s newest title and it borrows heavily from the perverted nature of Monster Monpiece. This dirty pirate adventure is shaping up to be quite a handful. The newest trailer shows off exploration on both land and sea, along with classic RPG battles.



Genkai Tokki Seven Pirates Newest Trailer Has You Fighting Perverted Monsters - Enemy


While the focus is a lot less on the pervy parts this time around, you can still expect some rather suggestive looking enemies and camera positioning. In one scene our heroines ride oddly shaped seals and other creatures across water and up the mountain. Add the Chest Growth feature, where you can change the girls breast size, height, upswing, spread, softness and firmness by rubbing them with the Vita’s touchscreen, and you can see why this game received a rating of Cero D in Japan, making it suitable for ages 17 and up. Despite this the visuals look adorable and pretty detailed for the PlayStation Vita.



Genkai Tokki Seven Pirates will be plundering PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV in Japan on August 4th this year. Hopefully it will arrive in the west as well so we too can enjoy this dirty adventure on the go.

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