You must keep the cold at bay in Genshin Impact’s new Dragonspine area

miHoYo have detailed the main mechanic you’ll have to deal with in Genshin Impact‘s first new area expansion since launch.

Dragonspine is a frosty land, ill-suited to the Traveler rather light clothing. While exploring the region, a new sheer cold meter will continue to fill. When full, it’ll deplete your health at a rapid rate.

Naturally, you want to avoid this, so there are a few ways to warm up. Sources of fire, like torches and campfires are an obvious choice, though even things like teleport waypoints can warm you up in a pinch. Some newly added collectable items and gadgets will also work as a heat source if needed.

It’s interesting to see Genshin Impact include a system like this, as exploration in the initial areas was generally quite laid back. If we look other games with systems like this — including a certain one that Genshin is often compared to — some sort of extreme heat mechanic will probably appear in a future area as well.

Dragonspire arrives as part of Genshin Impact’s Version 1.2 update, titled ‘The Chalk Prince and the Dragon’, on December 23.

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