Genshin Impact Gameplay looks like Breath of the Wild

Latest Genshin Impact gameplay video shows off lots of nice footage from the game everyone is calling a Breath of the Wild clone. Me? I’m calling it Breath of the Waifu on account of… er… well, just because. Have to say this one looks lovely, and is now very much on my radar.


You can understand the Breath of the Wild comparisons though – from the exploration, to resource gathering to the straight up, climb-what-you-want stamina bar action – it’s all very much Breath of the Wild-ey. And I’m okay with that.


You can judge for yourselves via the Genshin Impact Gameplay trailer below.



Looks nice right? Like a fusion between BotW and, perhaps, a Tales game in it’s cel-shaded character design. I particularly like some of the vistas in this gameplay video – and the city you explore about a third of the way in is nicely detailed and suitably epic in scope.


genshin impact


The final game promises a number of biomes to explore, multiple characters as well as a variety of magic and weapon types. If you’re interested in the game’s lore, you can also check out some manga over at the game’s official website.


Genshin Impact also has an announcement trailer, which has a much broader view of what to expect from the final game and, frankly, could not possibly fail to get you excited.


Looks amazing basically. Check it out for yourselves.


Rest assured we’ll be on the look out for lots more info as soon as it comes. If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be) you can sign up for the Beta here.

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