Genshin Impact out now on PC, PS4 and mobile

 Genshin Impact out now on PC, PS4 and mobile

Developer and publisher miHoYo‘s action RPG Genshin Impact launched on multiple platforms today.

General President of miHoYo, Forrest Liu, stated that “For the past three and a half years, [his] team has been working towards creating a sprawling, beautiful open-world game in which players have the freedom to explore alone or bring friends along for the journey,” and that they’re “very grateful to have over 10 million players pre-registered for Genshin Impact across PS4, PC, and mobile around the world.”

At launch, Genshin Impact will feature two major cities, each with their own quest-lines and surrounding landscapes. More content is planned for future updates, including new cities and characters.

To celebrate the game’s launch, miHoYo have released two new trailers. One shows off some of Genshin Impact’s gameplay, while other focuses on its story. Bear in mind that the story trailer contains spoilers for current content, so give it a miss if you’re planning on trying out the game soon.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, Android and iOS, with a Switch version currently in development.

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