Genshin Impact: The Waifu Review

Alright it’s time for the real review of Genshin Impact. It’s waifu time baby! This is why we’re all here grinding away and trying to get as many primogems as possible. All so we can get our hands on our favourite waifus and husbandos.


Everyones’ favourite Jojo poser and electrical archer, Fischl. Fischl ticks a few boxes: The eyepatch, the twintail/messy hair, and the gothic lolita style she has going on have landed her in first place for many people when it comes to their favourite characters. 

Not only is Fischl adorable, she is extremely powerful despite the game classifying her as a support character. With the correct setup of artifacts and weapons Fischl can achieve insanely high damage numbers. Plus, thanks to her R2 ability Fischl can deal a ton of elemental damage. 


There was absolutely no way Lisa couldn’t be included here. Not only is she a free character, burn she is a genuinely strong free character that will tick all the boxes for all of my Ara ara~ loving brothers out there. She radiates strong onee-chan vibes and playing with the Japanese voices will absolutely destroy you.

Caster type characters carry with them a double-edged sword in their auto attack. That being that every attack is an elemental attack. So when you’re fighting a fire-type enemy for example, Lisa is great because all of her attacks will cause elemental reactions. However when fighting an electrical enemy, she is almost useless as the enemy will be immune to her attacks.


You know, even if she is one of the weakest characters in the game, I still love her design. Amber is the first party member that you will acquire on your journey in Genshin Impact and no doubt you’ll probably want to replace her as soon as you can, but she’s still awesome! Amber is bubbly, charismatic and driven. Plus, she has that goddamn adorable headband that looks like rabbit ears. I admit, that’s a personal weakness of mine. 

She honestly isn’t all that bad, it’s just that in comparison to the other characters, she is definitely lacking. Her unique ability is a time bomb that taunts the enemies towards it and then sets them on fire. This isn’t that bad but due to the fairly weak attacks that bow users suffer from, Amber really falls behind.


Oh man do I love Beidou’s design so damn much. She is a definite personal favourite unit of mine and lord does she tick so many of my own waifu boxes. Badass strong woman, HUGE SWORD, tied-up but also loose hair, eyepatch, ZETTAI RYOUKI

As a two-handed sword user she has numerous benefits, not only when you’re fighting enemies but also farming items throughout the world. You may have noticed that some of the mining nodes in the game are quite durable and take a while to break. This isn’t a problem for Beidou. Her unique skill can also serve to increase her damage and resistances to the enemies she’s fighting. 


This wonderful woman is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to the geo-type characters. I’m a Chun-Li fan, so of course I’m a sucker for a Qipao. Plus she’s got the long white hair with a bun at the top which kind of looks like a bow. She has that strong and regal feel to her and it’s great. 

This lady is also an absolute powerhouse when it comes to combat. Each time Ningguang attacks, she generates a star jade that you can see floating behind her and she can generate up to 3 of these at maximum. When you perform a charged attack, it will unleash a larger attack and any of the star jades that you had stored, resulting in tons of damage and stunning most enemies. Her unique ability produces a screen to block projectiles which allow her to cast safely. Lastly her elemental burst is also insanely strong and made even more powerful if she has her unique skill placid nearby.


Mona has won the hearts of many and for good reason. She has the deadly leotard and tights combo, the adorably huge witches hat that even has gaps for her twintails. To top it all off, her unique sprint is not only one of the fastest in the game, but it allows Mona to sprint at full speed across water. If you’ve played the game, you know how incredible slow swimming is. 

Mona’s normal attacks are fairly unspectacular, with her normal attack being a long combo string and her charged attack performing an area of effect attack. Her unique skills however, greats a water illusion that taunts the enemies and deals a ton of water damage. Finally her elemental burst will lock enemies in a watery prison that applies numerous debuffs and increases the damage they receive. Alone this ability is amazing, but mixed with elemental reactions and it comes a whole new kind of beast.


We finally arrived at my favourite lady in Genshin Impact, Jean. This is the character I want more than any other in this damn game and she is also that character that has evaded me completely. Jean is the best, she’s got the high ponytail, strong lady-knight vibes, the Grand Master of the Knights and she’s a damn 5 star. Jean is basically this game’s Saber.

Surprisingly, Jean is a very unique blend of being a damage dealing character while also being a healer. Her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze, creates a huge swirling wind around Jean that causes massive amounts of wind-type damage to enemies, while also healing Jean, her party members and nearby allies if you’re playing coop. What’s insane about this skill is that the healing scales off of Jean attack stat. So by powering Jean up to deal damage, she will also increase her support abilities. 

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You can play Genshin Impact for free, by downloading here.

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