Genshin Impact Version 1.1 out now

 Genshin Impact Version 1.1 out now

Genshin Impact‘s latest update, A New Star Approaches, is now available on PC, PS4, and mobile.

The update brings Chapter 1 of the main story to an end with the titular quest ‘A New Star Approaches’. There’ll also be some new character and world quests, all of which offering rewards for their completion.

Furthermore, cities now have a reputation system. Currently, this includes Mondstadt and Liyue, and increasing your reputation levels for each city will unlock new gadgets.

Probably the most welcome gadget added is Condensed Resin, which lets you store Original Resin for use at a later time. This means that you can use a lot more resin at once, instead of having to use smaller amounts daily.

Most of the other changes introduced in this update are mainly quality of life and bug fixes, which you can view in the official patch notes.

Genshin Impact has had a mostly positive reception since launch, though there have been some criticisms of its gacha mechanics and lack of endgame content. This patch should help in those areas, but hopefully miHoYo still have more improvements ready for 2021 and beyond.

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