Get in the Robot with Evangelion VR

Bandai Namco has announced Evangelion VR: The Soul’s Seat which will allow you to pilot an Eva as a temporary pilot (it seems like Shinji wasn’t feeling up to it) to fight the 10th Angel. You’ll be able to play it later this Summer as long as you’re in Japan at the time.


evangelion vr 3

The machine you’ll sit in is based on the Eva’s Entry Plug cockpit for full immersion, but thankfully the threat of having one of the creepiest Angels in the series attack you is non-existent. The cockpit will move and vibrate, aiming for the most authentic experience possible.


evangelion vr 1

If you’re around VR Zone Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan at some point this Summer, then you should try it out and let us know how it is!

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