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Yup, that’s right FREE GAMES! Everyone likes them – particularly when they’re GOOD games. First though, a tiny bit of bad news – we didn’t reach our total of 1000 votes for Eryi’s Action on Steam Greenlight. We did get close – which is a great work, and due in no small part to the awesomeness of all you people who took time to vote!


If you DIDN’T vote for Eryi’s Action, then you can rectify that by going here, RIGHT NOW!


Regardless of if you voted or not though, seeing as so many of you showed your support, Nyu Media have very kindly given us a consolation prize for our efforts – in the shape of 200 download codes for the game.


In the interest of fair play, we decided to put them all in once place for you to access – rather than split them up over all our social networks. So, at 12pm GMT tomorrow (that’s Thursday the 13 of December) we will put 100 codes on a special page on this site, which you can get to through here.


Then on Friday at 5pm GMT we will put up a further 100 codes for you to download!


All you’ll need to do when the page does live, is to press the button and your code will be generated.


Your codes can be redeemed at this site here.


These are on a strictly first come first serve basis – when all 200 are gone, they’ll be gone – so be quick!


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