Getting All 900 Korok Seeds in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gives You A Piece of Slimy, Golden “Friendship” Poop That “Smells Pretty Bad”

The Korok Seeds in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild are used to upgrade your inventory space. They can be found by discovering all of the Koroks hidden over Hyrule, and they’re one of the most fascinating rewards for exploration and curiosity in any open world game. Though there are 900 of them.


Of course, there’s meant to be more than you need. It would be a little crazy to expect someone to find all 900 so they just put in a whole load — you can explore and upgrade to your heart’s content. Grabbing all 900 will leave a whole bunch leftover you can’t upgrade with. But Reddit’s xFateAwaitsx persisted, taking on the task. Collecting. Every. Single. One.




Hestu, the marvellous creature depicted above, trades you the inventory upgrades in return for the seeds. On receiving the final one, he gives you a special reward that lives in your key items slot — Hestu’s gift. It’s a “gift of friendship”. Take a look at it yourself.




Clearly this is meant to depict stylised poop. The description even says “it smells pretty bad”. Does this imply that the 900 Korok Seeds might actually be smaller pieces of Korok poop? It might make a great fertiliser after all.


This could also be a bit of a funny slam at the nature of collectables in many modern open world games. Your reward for combing the huge map for every little thing? Here’s a golden poop medal. You’ve earned it.


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