Giant Mech Suit Kit Available from Amazon Japan?

If you’ve never dreamed about having a giant mech suit of your very own then you’re either a filthy liar or a newborn who has not yet done their first proper sleepy. You could now have the chance to make this dream a reality, as a Kuratas mech is now available to purchase on Amazon Japan. Or is it?



The mech is a kit, so you will have to assemble it yourself. Also, they will only deliver to the Kanto region. If that seems fine to you then it can purchased for the modest sum of only  120 million yen, with 350 yen postage. That’s over $1 million in total.




Cnet, who first wrote about the story, pointed out there are some suspicious things about the product listing, however. The 350 yen (less than a fiver) shipping seems strangely low, and the reviews are bizarre too:


“I use to fight with friends. It is the night of every Saturday in the school ground.”



“First humanoid robot my grandfather gave me … it is a Kuratasu Original, I was 4 years old.”

It could just be an “arty” thing.


We can but hope.


Please send one to the office if possible!

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