God Eater Resurrection Ready to Eat Gods This Month

 God Eater Resurrection Ready to Eat Gods This Month

God Eater Resurrection is in fact an updated version, of the PSP expansion, of the Japan exclusive PSP game. Resurrection brings a number of additions and improvements to the series and allows newcomers to play through the game on modern systems.




The game will serve as a bridge between the events of God Eater Burst and God Eater 2. All the weapons from God Eater 2 and God Eater Rage Burst will be available here. Character episodes which were exclusive to God Eater 2 have also been implemented in God Eater Resurrection.



A new addition to the game is the new predator style feature. You can now devour by charging, with combos, and “quick”, “step” and “air” devours.


God Eater Resurrection has greatly improved visuals because of the power of the new hardware. The PlayStation 4 version uses the Dual Shock 4 speaker as a radio with headquarters during missions which is a nice touch.


GOD EATER RESURRECTION 体験版_20151012150511


Developed by Shift and published by Namco Bandai Games, God Eater Resurrection will be out on the 29th of October for the Vita and PlayStation 4 in Japan. The demo of the game is already available on the PlayStation Store for both Vita and PlayStation 4.


Considering how only God Eater Burst made it to the west, it is still a question if this title will ever be released outside of Japan.

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