Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter Launch Trailer Released

Due to its Japanese release on 13th October (tomorrow!) Compile Heart have released a Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter launch trailer to showcase the game in action! The trailer pays particular attention to the battle system and the “Nightmares” — the game’s enemies.



Mary Skelter is a dynamic dungeon crawler from Compile Heart that involves navigating the titular Godly Prison Tower! Uh… reminds me a little of another game. But I can’t quite place what… Also! The game features some “purification” scenes that involve the touch screen and exposed skin. Hm. Really can’t place what this reminds me of…


Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter Launch Trailer Released


The Nightmares actually look really creepy and appropriately nightmarish. This has all the hallmarks of the kind of game I don’t really want to play before bed. It has a kind of grotesque creepy European carnivale theme about it.


We’ve not yet heard anything about Mary Skelter coming west, but it comes out for PlayStation Vita in Japan on 13th October 2016.

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