Goku vs Street Fighter

Spoiler alert: he gives everyone the beatdown. Flying around the world like a like a little red whilrwind, destroying the entire Street Fighter cast. It’s enjoyable in a ‘look, it’s Goku and he’s fighting everyone in Street Fighter’ kind of way. It’s a fun mash-up, what more can I say?



Actually, I know what I can say – you notice how the map screen is in blend-o-pixel vision (see below) – but when it cuts to the action it’s in old-school pixel vision?




That kinda oversight makes my blood boil. Earlier, when I stole this from my facebook feed, I had to leave my desk and go sit in the toilet and do Dr Rawlings’ breathing exercises. The ones that stop me getting into trouble with the police, like that time I was in Iceland and realised they’d run out of Mint Cornettos.


Anyway… Goku vs Street Fighter

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