Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Review (Anime)

I know what you’re thinking. Mitch Jay isn’t going to like this fan-service fuelled show but, as you’ll read in my Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Review, I liked this much more than I thought I would. I know what I like, but this definitely gave me more to like than I expected.
Twin-Tail!! follows Soji Mitsuka, a highschool student who has a fierce love for the twin-tails hairstyle – essentially two very long ponytails from each side of a girl’s head. He loves them so much in fact, that he’s recruited by the busty Twoerle (I mean, she doesn’t really quiet down about her bust, to be honest. Also that’s pronounced like ‘twirl’!) to fight an alien race who want to take those with twin-tails for their own and rule Earth. It’s all pretty straight-forward stuff. Oh, when he’s in his fighting form he also transforms into a girl, along with others who eventually join the fight. I make it sound stupid – and it is – but I genuinely found it to be a good laugh.
I really liked Soji’s relationship with his best friend Aika Tsube, a childhood friend of his who clearly harbours feelings of love for him, and the way they bounce off of each other is great and a true highlight of the show. I ended up becoming more invested in the pair than I thought I would for a show with such an outlandish premise, but it has a fair bit of depth to it and Aika’s being around puts Soji’s love for twin-tails into perspective – a lot of people find it weird, but he doesn’t actually act that weird about it. Hooray for no nosebleeds and other anime tropes, he knows what he loves and just gets on with it without being a total pervert.
gonna be the twin tail review

Production IMS handle the animation, and their works more or less all tend to revolve around a lot of fan-service, and it’s a pretty good looking show. I’m fond of the character design and that the animators really go all-in with the ridiculous story and battles, and there’s a 90’s cheesiness to it that I adore. Yes, there is a fair bit of fan-service but it’s not the focus of the show whatsoever. One character definitely has a fixation on her own breasts but otherwise it’s all pretty harmless, although the fighting outfits that the girls wear are definitely very revealing! Overall it’s a colourful, feel-good show.
The English Dub for this show is perfect. The English voice-actors and actresses clearly have a lot of fun with the show and it makes for fantastic listening – it’s pretty damn hilarious! Austin Tindle gives an energetic performance as Soji with Sarah Wiedenheft giving an equally as impressive performance as Aika, and the rest of the cast stand brilliantly alongside them. The soundtrack is as fun as the voice-over and whilst it isn’t quite a musical masterpiece, it does perfectly match the tone of the show. It seems that a lot of people had plenty of fun on the production of this show, and it makes for a more enjoyable watch.
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Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! is a show that’s far better than it sounds if someone explained it to you, and it got more than a few laughs out of me. I’d recommend giving it a go even if you wait to find it a bit cheaper, but I’m happy to see this get an English Dub and come to the UK via Anime Limited’s and Funimation’s new partnership. If you’re on the fence then you might be pleasantly surprised, but if you already like the sounds of it then you might find yourself enjoying it more than you’re expecting!

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