5 waifus we can’t wait to see in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Granblue Fantasy is likely a name you’re familiar with, and that’s because it’s become one of the most popular gacha games in the business. Not only has the franchise had a video game spin-off in the form of fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus, but it also had its own anime — it’s fair to say the series is doing pretty well. 

Way back in August of 2016 — a time without isolation and shoving swabs up your nose every couple of days (Unless you were into that – Ed.) — Cygames announced a whole new and massively ambitious project regarding their flagship title Granblue Fantasy: an RPG. Yep, 6 years ago was when the game we would come to know as Granblue Fantasy: Relink would first be announced — and after changing developers and bringing the production in-house, we would finally see a 2022 release date announced at the very end of 2021.

I’ve written a couple of pieces here on Rice Digital about gacha games, my feelings on them, why they do so well and my favourite ones — believe it or not, some of them are genuinely quite fun little poop-time games — and while Granblue Fantasy isn’t one I play an awful lot these days, it’s one that has been on my phone for a long time, and one that I come back to every now and then. 

I’ll come clean and say it as it is with my chest puffed out proudly — I play for the waifus. Whenever special events come around in Granblue Fantasy, bringing with them a bucketload of free gacha pulls, you can guarantee I’ll be there hoping and praying to get my favourite ladies. Which brings us on to today’s main topic: the top 5 waifus that I can’t wait to meet in a full 3D expansive RPG-style Granblue Fantasy game!

5 Waifus We Can't Wait To See In Granblue Fantasy: ReLink


This one is a little bit of a cheat because we already know that Katalina is in the game, but that doesn’t take away from my excitement at seeing her in glorious PS5 graphics. Katalina is the classic strong lady-knight character that tends to come with the genre nowadays, and certainly nothing you’ll ever see me complaining about. 

She is an integral part of the story and journey for the main player character and if she plays anything like how she does in Granblue Fantasy Versus then I can only imagine just how much fun she’ll be. As a bonus, wherever there is Katalina there will be a Vira somewhere in the future — a rather yandere and obsessed friend of Katalina’s — so we can always see that as a 2 for the price of 1 type deal. 

5 Waifus We Can't Wait To See In Granblue Fantasy: ReLink


Every game needs its fair share of “kemonomimi” animal girls, and Ilsa is one of the two animal girls that I absolutely demand feature in the game at some point. Ilsa is a battle-hardened lady whose harsh and extreme teaching methods come from her wanting to protect and give those she teaches the best chance of survival on the battlefield. 

Ilsa comes packing some of the traits that I enjoy when it comes to characters in my anime games. She’s a character who could be described as being married to her job, and as she is already 28 years old she is growing more conscious of romance. Despite her interest, however, most of the men who have ever met her are usually scared off by her fierce nature and sheer strength.

Granblue Fantasy waifus


Even if you’re not all that familiar with Granblue Fantasy or any of its spin-offs, you’ve more than likely seen this character at some point while scrolling through Twitter. Narmaya is one of the most popular characters in the game and also happens to be a part of the Draph race — a race of cow and bull-like people. The males are tall and bulky and the women are shorter with large chests.

By no means am I saying that her popularity is purely due to the size of her boobs, but you can certainly understand how it would help gain that initial appeal. Narmaya was one of the characters featured in Granblue Fantasy Versus, and she, along with the next lady on this list, was one of the two characters that I mained. Without a doubt, the coolest part about Narmaya as a character is that she is a cool and crazy-skilled swordswoman while also being an adorable and doting big sister-type.

Granblue Fantasy waifus


Now we’re getting to the big two for me. Metera and the next character in this list are the two main characters that made me want to go through the effort of getting this game on my phone — and two characters who brought me back during every special event. How do I describe my interest in Metera without sounding like a complete degenerate… Impossible, I can’t, so I won’t.

Metera is really horny, like, all the time — and I absolutely love some lewd lady characters. She makes excellent use of double entendre, mixing in sexual innuendo into her lines, whether she is genuinely interested or just to tease. She was the character I spent the most time playing in Versus, and I really came to love the character ever since. 

Granblue Fantasy waifus


Finally, we arrive at Magisa. If I was told that only one of the characters on my list here could appear in the game, Magisa would be my lady of choice — don’t yuck my yums, I like what I like, okay?! I’ll tell you how it is… Magisa is so many of my favorite things rolled up into one beautiful anime girl. Silver hair, milf/onee-san vibes, thigh-highs, split-side dress, big ol’ anime plots. 

I can vividly remember seeing some art of this character, immediately rushing to find out where she was from, and then proceeding to download Granblue Fantasy as fast as I could. Though I may have struggled to get her for a long time, I finally acquired this masterpiece of character design a couple months back. 

Magisa to me is a perfect character when it comes to her design, voice, and powers. So what did they do to make this absurdly hot character even better? They gave her the ability to summon a massive metal minotaur — she has a damn Jojo-style stand!

Granblue Fantasy certainly isn’t short on waifus (and husbandos, for that matter) — so who would you love to see lovingly rendered in 3D when Granblue Fantasy: Relink finally shows up? Let us know down in the comments or via the usual social channels!

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