Granblue Fantasy: Versus gets price cut, new DLC characters

After rarely going on sale since launch, Granblue Fantasy: Versus is now available at a permanently discounted price.

The base game is now priced at £15.99 on PS4 and £16.99 on PC via Steam, with an addition “Legendary Edition” now available for £39.99. The Legendary Edition bundle features every character DLC released up to Ver. 2.70, including the newly released Vira and Avatar Belial.

Vira and Avatar Belial are not part of either Season Pass, only available via the Additional Character Set or as part of the Legendary Edition. Vira features a good balance of offence and defence, while Avatar Belial uses his own HP to reduce the cooldown of his skills and activate follow-up actions.

Ver. 2.70 for Granblue Fantasy: Versus also brings new RPG Mode content and changes to the entire cast — a full list of which can be found via the official patch notes.

As an additional bonus, 2.70 technically includes a third character, Lunalu. Rather than fighting directly, she acts as a random character select, changing your character after each round. However, she does have her own ending illustration in arcade mode and separate online rankings.

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