Granblue Fantasy Versus Soriz Trailer Released

 Granblue Fantasy Versus Soriz Trailer Released

Soriz is joining Granblue Fantasy Versus soon, and we’ve got a trailer that shows off his abilities! Cygames and Arc System Works announced that the character will be available on April 7 in the Character Pass Set or as a single purchase, if that’s more your style.



granblue fantasy versus soriz


Watch the Soriz trailer:



The website gave this official description for Soriz:


An old man who used to run a weapon shop, but started training under the belief that “his body is the ultimate weapon,” and is now widely known as a martial artist. While an embodiment of his conviction, he does not lack discipline. And despite his stoic appearance, he can also be a mere dirty old man.


Using his fists hard as a boulder and legs large as logs, he fights with flawless martial arts perfected over many years of training.


Aside from Soriz, we’ll also be getting a Djeeta trailer on March 31, who is also part of the character pass. We recently learned that Zooey will also be a part of the pass, and with that, we know all the fighters coming in this first wave.


Looking to get started in GBVS? Check out our beginner’s guide!



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