Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey Guide – She’s Great

 Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey Guide – She’s Great

Zooey has recently been added to the roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus! I thought now would be a good time to give everyone a bit of a helping hand when it comes to learning this new character with my GranBlue Fantasy Versus Zooey guide. We’ll be going over her gameplan, her important normal buttons and specials. Mainly though, we’ll be going over her unique mechanics, the wyverns!


Zooey is very much a neutral-based character with the potential of locking the opponent down with the help of her wyverns and thunder traps. Zooey’s far-normals are really quite impressive and she has some great whiff-punishing buttons as well. The main mechanic Zooey players will want to focus on however, is her wyverns. These are the key to unlocking Zooey’s true potential. 

The Wyverns will help Zooey mix the opponent up, lock them down, open them up, make her pressure safe and allow her to pull even more damage out of her combos. They really make her a terrifying force to deal with when getting up from a knockdown.


There are few specific normals amongst Zooey’s kit that stand out to me. Some of them are great pokes that players should be using in neutral to see if they can catch their opponent trying to be aggressive, and some are great for more specific situations like anti-airing or whiff-punishing.

Far 5M – This is a great poking tool for Zooey. Just throw this button out when you’re trying to space out the opponent and prevent them from trying to get in on you. You can also buffer this button into a special attack if you’re at the proper range.

Far 5H – Like 5M, this is a great button when it comes to it’s range. In addition, this button is a great choice when looking to whiff-punish.

2M – This button might be Zooey’s best tool in neutral. It has all the same properties of her far 5M, but even better range.

2H – This is Zooey’s best anti-airing attack. Zooey does indeed have an uppercut, but it doesn’t have the same properties as characters like Gran and Katalina. Therefore, 2H is without a doubt the best option to stop those pesky jump-ins. It’s got great range, and covers a huge area above Zooey. It even reaches just a bit behind her head.

JM – This jump-in has a very horizontal hitbox, so it’s not the greatest if you are just going for a straight forward jumping attack. It does however, have cross-up properties. When you’re planning to jump on the other side of your opponent, this is the go to button.

JH – This is the one you want to be using when you are going for a more straightforward jumping attack. It hits at a downward angle and is the easiest to confirm off of into a combo.

236L/M/H – This is her projectile and will summon forth one of her Wyverns. The light version is a fast projectile where the wyvern will dash forward at the opponent. This will clash with other projectiles. 

Medium will have the wyvern breath fire towards the ground at an angle. Should this move connect, it will launch the opponent into the air and can then be followed up to combo.

Heavy has a long start up, but can keep the opponent locked in blockstun allowing Zooey to move in and pressure. Zooey can also catch the opponent with a throw or universal overhead and combo from the wyvern attack.

214L/M/H – Zooey’s rekka attack. Most important thing to note about this attack is that only the medium and heavy versions are safe on block, so just keep that in mind. 

214 followup – This attack can be followed up by two different attacks. By pressing the button again, Zooey will perform a ground slam in which all versions are unsafe on block. 

Or, by holding forward and pressing the button, she will perform a vertical slash. This particular follow up does not naturally combo unless it’s from a counter-hit, or you are performing the EX version. This isn’t bad though, as your opponent will have to be ready for 3 different options when you perform this attack.

22L/M/H/U – Zooey can call lighting to strike at different distances depending on the button pressed. Light will hit close to Zooey, medium will hit at around half screen and the heavy version will call three lightning strikes in a line in front of Zooey. 

The main use of this move however, is to hold the button down in order to set a trap on the ground at the same locations as mentioned above. Just after you release the button, the lightning trap will go off. This is an incredible mix-up tool for Zooey. Along with the threat of a throw, attack, her wyverns and now a lightning trap? Zooey is terrifying on a knockdown.

J.22L/M/H – Zooey can also use her lightning while airborne. The light version will fire a strike close to Zooey, medium will go further and Heavy will release both strikes. This also allows Zooey to change her air momentum and possible bait out attacks from her opponent.


Without a doubt her most unique mechanic and apart from Zooey being downright adorable, this is probably one of the most appealing factors towards picking up the character. Now, we already talked about the different attacks that the Wyverns offer, however there are numerous things to keep in mind. Such as the properties they have and how they work.  

Wyvern meter – Located underneath her Skybound Art meter, this is the indicator for her wyverns. At the beginning of the round, you will start with the bar half full and as you use the wyverns commands, this will go down. The light attack consumes much less meter than the medium and heavy versions. With a full wyvern meter, Zooey can perform 8 light attacks, 5 medium attacks and 3 heavy attacks.

Generating wyvern meter – Using her unique skill, by pressing and holding U, Zooey will charge her wyvern meter manually. This charges up fairly quickly, so treat it similarly to Cloud’s limit break from Smash Bro’s. When you manage to score a knockdown mid screen or in a situation where you can’t press an advantage, back off and build some meter. 

Alternatively, Zooey can attack out of her meter charge by pressing forward and an attack button. This is a great way to build meter while you are still dealing some damage in the process. If you recognise that you can’t get big damage while the opponent is in the corner, go for a simple combo ending with 5U > 6L/M/H so build some meter and keep the pressure.

When Zooey is attacked – When Zooey is blocking while the wyverns are active, she will not lose any meter or lose the active wyvern. However, when Zooey is knocked down she will lose some of her wyvern meter. It’s also important to note that the wyverns themselves are completely invincible.

I think Zooey is an extremely fun character with an all around fantastic set of tools at her disposal. It may take some getting used to with regards to her knockdown game. There are quite a few things to juggle in your mind with her numerous options, but it’s damn rewarding to play her. With that, Zooey wraps up the first fighters pass for GBVS! All we know from here on out is that Belial will be coming the next fighter pass around fall time. As for the other characters, it’s still anyone’s guess. Who do you guys want to see? I’m still praying for Magisa.

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