Gravity Rush 2 trailer sees Kat take to the skies again

Sony just revealed a new trailer for Gravity Rush 2 at their conference during Paris Games Week, and it’s shaping up to look truly fantastic.
The trailer shows Kat and Raven in action along with 2 new combat styles for Kat to go along with her original playstyle. The new playstyles are called Jupiter Style which gives gravity a stronger pull and allowing Kat to pull off stronger attacks, and Lunar Style does the opposite allowing for quicker but weaker attacks. There are also destructible environments this time around!

Gravity Rush 2 is set to release on PS4 in 2016, along with the remaster of the first Gravity Rush also for PS4. It’s one of those Vita titles that more people should’ve experienced, and so I’m glad to see it reach a bigger market next year.

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