Guilty Gear Strive early access will now include all modes and characters

Arc System Works has announced that the early access period for Guilty Gear Strive will no longer limit the amount of modes and characters available to players.

Originally, owners of the Guilty Gear Strive Ultimate and Deluxe editions would only get early access to offline modes, with most of the story being locked until launch day. Anji Mito and I-No were also not planned to be playable at that point.

However, with the game being delayed until June, Arc System Works has decided to make everything available in early access. This includes online modes — online being the main reason behind Strive’s delay — all characters, and the full story.

Early access will be available to Ultimate and Deluxe edition owners on PS4 and PS5 (PC players miss out for some reason) from June 8 2021, with Guilty Gear Strive’s full release arriving a few days later on June 11.

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