Guilty Gear Strive Beta Coming In April

 Guilty Gear Strive Beta Coming In April

There’s a lot of buzz around Guilty Gear Strive, and rightfully so! The buzz is probably going to increase dramatically now, however, as you have a chance to get your hands on the game in April, via a closed beta test. The beta will feature seven characters, but they’re all returning characters from previous games.


guilty gear strive closed beta


The beta test will run from April 16-19, and you’ll have until April 5 to sign up. If you do get in, you’ll be presented with 7 characters: Sol, Ky, Chip, Axl, Faust, Potemkin and May. You’ll also get a taste for the game’s UI and a very small look at the menus through the character select screen. If you’re well into your online fighters, you’ll know the difference a good netcode can make. It’s worth noting that the final release of Guilty Gear Strive will use rollback netcode, but this beta test will be using a delay-based netcode instead.


You can sign up to the beta test here!


When is Guilty Gear Strive releasing?


We don’t have a hard date yet on Guilty Gear Strive, but it should be some time in late 2020 on PS4.



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