Guilty Gear Xrd Demo is Out NOW

If you want to give this outrageously gorgeous fighter a play then you can do so RIGHT NOW! That’s right, NOW… well… if you live in the US that is. The Guilty Gear Xrd demo is now live – letting you play as Ky or Sol and fight your way through the game’s arcade mode. Guess it would have been too much to ask for a little two player action, eh? Still – there IS the tutorial mode to mess around with. Which is, you know… nice.


Excited? No?


We’ll you damn well should be not only is the soundtrack in this game about as EPIC as you can find, but it also looks to be yet another Arc System Works visual powerhouse, with the kind of artwork that makes Street Fighter look like total garbage


Yeah, that’s right, I said garbage.


The Guilty Gear Xrd demo is on PSN in the US from now until the 8th of December. Don’t be shy.



Guilty Gear 8-Guilty Gear Xrd Demo



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