Guilty Gear Xrd Elphet unveiled

Guilty Gear Xrd Elphet unveiled yesterday, I noticed on Famitsu this morning. Along with quite a lot of detail around her play style, Arc have released a whole load of screenshots.  I’ve taken my eye off the ball on the Guilty Gear front recently as there are so many other games on the horizon to pay attention to. Hopefully Arc have plenty more new characters to unveil over the next few months.


In the meantime, check out ‘Elphet’.


Elphet Guilty Gear Xrd


She’s a gun-based character that has two firearms at her disposal. A rifle and a shotgun. Unsurprisingly, the rifle is best used at distance. You enter one command to enter a stance and then use the attack buttons to shoot at different trajectories. In a nice touch, the longer you leave it between entering her stance and firing, the greater the damage her rifle will deal.




Her shotgun is her best means of dealing damage up close. Again, she has a command stance you can use, where different branching attacks equate to different movements and shots up close.




As usual, Arc have thrown in a little personal detail as well. She’s an animal and nature lover apparently – who’s trying really hard to be a lady. Because everyone knows the most refined ladies like to nothing more than devastating one-on-one combat with a shotgun up a sleeve and a rifle up a petticoat.


Check out even more screens below! 🙂
















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