Guilty Gear Xrd Europe Pre-Orders get exclusive Ishiwatari Art Prints with Rice Digital

Oh yes – my European comrades! From the Rice Digital vault comes a LOVELY pre-order bonus for anyone who pre-orders Guilty Gear Xrd from us on Rice Digital. While Europe has yet to get a confirmed release date – we’ve shipped over some US stock to help satisfy the appetites of UK and Euro fight fans! Not only that, but we’ve rustled up a beaut of a pre-order bonus! 


Just pick up Guilty Gear Xrd from our store on either PS3 or PS4 and we’ll send every order a pack of, not one, not four – BUT EIGHT – hyper-gorgeous A5 prints of some iconic Dasiuke Ishiwatari Guilty Gear illustrations! Put them on your wall, keep them in a folder – hell, why not rub them on your face! It’s all good!


Any previous Guilty Gear Xrd Sign pre-order will automatically get upgraded to this special offer!


But don’t go crazy just yet – why not take a look at the illustrations in question!











You can currently pre-order your Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Import from our store right here. The art print pre-order package is EXCLUSIVE to Rice Digital.


The PS3 version is £49.99 and the PS4 version is £59.99


All versions will come with the art cards – but be warned they are in very short supply. We are expecting to receive stock soon so we can ship for the 17th of December. If you pre-order in the next week, you should be good to confirm your copy for Christmas! Shipping to the UK is completely free, and you’ll also avoid any nasty tax surprises!


We also ship internationally – so you can get your copy and art cards wherever you are in the world!







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