Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- First Look at Raven and Kum Haehyun

Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator – launched earlier this month, and boy is it great. Even with its meaty roaster there are three additional DLC characters in the game. So let’s take a look at the two that are currently out, Raven and Kum Haehyun, and see if they are worth your hard earned money.



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Raven was first introduced in Guilty Gear Overture 2 as a playable character. While not exclusively a DLC character, the price of 200,000W$ in-game points is pretty hefty and will require some time to unlock.


Raven is a near 1000-year-old immortal, born during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire. After experiencing death after death, he slowly became disinterested in life. Now the only thing that moves him forward is pain – his final source of pleasure. Raven is one of the rare people who is close to That Man.


Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Battle 2


The first thing that you will notice about Raven is how his dashes are different. His ground dashes make him disappear mid run, allowing for stylish dodging. His air dash on the other hand deals damage to the enemy if it connects.


Raven’s unique feature is his excitement meter. By pressing and holding quarter circle back and kick Raven will go into his “Give it to me HERE” mode. Even though you are immobile and open to attacks, any damage you receive fills up your excitement meter, which in turn means more powerful attacks. On the plus side of all this is the fact that any damage accumulated in this way can be negated if you aren’t hit for a period of time once you leave this mode.


Doing down forward punch does his basic projectile attack, while doing a down forward high slash throws a short ranged ball which stays on the screen for some time and does multiple hits. This accompanied with his ranged ground and air throws make him perfect for fighting mid ranged targets.



From overdrives there is Getreuer which is a short ranged slash. His other Overdrive is called Verzweifelt and can be cast from both ground and air, making him soar across the screen.


If you don’t want to go through the trouble of unlocking Raven, you can purchase him for an affordable £1.69.


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Kum Haehyun

Kum comes from a tribe that was almost annihilated by the Gear Justice. Her tuning ability allows her to see and control the flow of energy in all things. Unfortunately, only males may inherit the name and headship of the tribe. That’s why Kum pilots an exoskeleton called “Jun Ryo Kum”, who appears to everyone as a powerful elder man with an epic beard, imposing eyebrows and insane fighting capabilities.


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Kum plays like the exact opposite of Raven. Her moves are slow and methodical, but deal massive damage when they connect. She has a heavy focus on kicks, with most of her specials being kick related.


Her special attack, Tuning Ball, done with a quarter circle forward, fires a flaming ball. The unique aspect of it is that she can control it by moving forward or backward. Both her Tigers Sword and Falcon Dive specials are kick based and have good reach.



As for overdrives, Kum has the Celestial Tuning Ball which is a larger version of the controllable Tuning Ball, but this time she can home them both up and down. Her other overdrive is the Enlightened 3000 Palm Strike which deals a decent amount of damage, but has a very short range. Making up for this is the fact that she can freely attract or repel the opponent while charging it up.


Kum Haehyun is available for £5.79


Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Battle 1


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