Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- to hit EU on 3rd June

According to a GAME website listing and a post on popular Facebook group ‘UK Fighting Games’, it seems that Guilty gear Xrd -Sign- will finally hit EU on 3rd June!
Listed at £39.99 on PS4 and £32.99 on PS3, Xrd is set to be a digital only release in Europe. It’s sad that there’s been no official announcement so close to release, if all of this information is accurate and it seems to be, and that it’ll receive no physical release but at least we finally get the game. Hopefully we get some of the DLC free, too. I’m not even sure who’s publishing it, maybe the game is going to magically publish itself at this point.
I’ve been waiting for Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- for a long time as a lover of Arc System Works and fighting games, and the visuals are to die for and, well, it’s better late than never. We should be expecting an official announcement soon.

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