Gundam Reconguista in G Review (Anime)

I’m not overly familiar with Gundam in general but Gundam Reconguista in G appealed to me more as it seemed to have taken a lighter, more colourful approach to mecha and whilst this is true to an extent, it’s not without its brutality. 


Bellri Zenam is a student at the Capital Guard Academy where he’s one of the academies brightest pupils. During a training exercise, the class is attacked by the lone space pirate, Aida, when Bell and his friends decide to fight back rather than retreat and they’re successful in detaining her. When the actual academy comes under fire from those who want to rescue Aida, Bellri uses his ability to be able to use mecha that others cannot in order to protect the academy — what he doesn’t realise is that while he can use it, this doesn’t mean he fully understands it.


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Reconguista likes to talk exposition and to establish the world, its history and what several people and companies are up to, which can be a little much to follow at times but it is interesting and there’s a fair bit of action to break up the dialogue. It would be odd to not acknowledge the criticism that this particular series has gotten but I found myself enjoying it, even if it is a little info heavy at times. There’s a good blend of light-hearted fun and more serious moments, and they bounce off of each other without being jarring. Whilst this show might appeal more to newcomers to Gundam rather than long-time fans, I don’t think that’s a bad thing and it gives Sunrise a chance to do something a little different with the series without it being unrecognisable.


Sunrise have a good few hits under their belt with several Gundam series’, the popular Love Live! and original superhero anime Tiger & Bunny, and their work here is as excellent as ever. Sunrise blend traditional 2D art and CGI together seamlessly with bursting colours, detailed animation and plenty to feast your eyes on — Sunrise might be at the top of the game when it comes to mixing 2D and CGI together. I like the character design and distinctive art style which helps it stand out amongst the vast sea of Gundam shows, and in general it’s a very bright, pretty show to watch. Reconguista in G has no dubs of any sort, only providing the original Japanese voiceover which has voice talent that fit the characters well, although there’s a lot to read in regards to subtitles! The music never stood out to me but it’s not bad in any way either, just a little unmemorable.


Gundam Reconguista in G review


Gundam Reconguista in G is a different take on the series which has had a bit of a troubled existence, although I don’t think it deserves the intense ridicule that it has received. It has its issues in regards to storytelling and pacing but it’s a vibrant, interesting anime with plenty to offer. I’m not particularly familiar with Gundam myself and this has me interested in checking out more, although I do understand that they’ll be vastly different to Reconguista in G. A decent anime but not one I could easily watch again, Gundam Reconguista in G is an enjoyable ride which gets a little bogged down with its own lore. It’s nice for Sunrise to have some breathing room when it comes to Gundam though, as they’ve been adapting the series for a very long time.

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