Gunfire Reborn leaves early access, heading to consoles in 2022

After a year and a half in Steam early access, version 1.0 of Duoyi Games’ FPS roguelite Gunfire Reborn is now available on PC.

The full release comes with a number of changes and additional content, including a new hero, weapons, and level — a full update list can be found via the official patch notes. The team also mentions that they’re considering DLC, though this wont happen until the game has been improved further post-launch.

Furthermore, 505 Games also revealed that it will be bringing Gunfire Reborn to consoles in 2022. No exact release platforms were given, though PS4/PS5 and Switch ports seem incredibly likely.

Gunfire Reborn is a great example of early access done right. It received constant updates, and player feedback was used to adjust parts of the game when necessary. While that’s obviously what early access is supposed to be for, many titles in recent years have ended up changing for the worse using this system — if they weren’t abandoned outright.

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