Half-Minute Hero 2 Western Release Incoming

Its been over four years since the original Half-Minute Hero made its way to the west. Japan got the sequel in 2011. but because of the poor sales of the original another localization by XSEED seemed unlikely. Now years later the sequel looks like its nearing a western release.


Half-Minute Hero was a ingenious and challenging title that forced you to level up, equip your hero and defeat the evil lord in just 30 seconds. The time constraint made the classic RPG formula feel a lot more dynamic and entertaining, forcing you to plan before you move out. Bedsides a healthy bunch of side objectives, numerous in-game jokes, branching path and adorable 8bit style graphics the game featured multiple characters, each with their own game modes. Before the original was released the game had a free prototype which while rough around the edges has many elements from the original.


The game’s sequel, titled as Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, aside from the standard Story mode will feature various new modes, some of them beginning: Time attack, Infinite evil lords (a survival mode), map and quest editor (which you will allow your to share your creations online) and four player multiplayer battles. These additions will keep the game interesting for months after you complete the story. Half-Minute Hero 2 will be out on Steam “very soon”. There is no news about a PSP or Vita release.


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