Happy Chaos joins Guilty Gear Strive roster late November

In news that likely wont come as a surprise to most Guilty Gear Strive players, Arc System Works has announced that Happy Chaos is the next Season Pass 1 DLC character.

Arriving on November 30, 2021, Happy Chaos makes use of his guns and clones to keep opponents at bay. It looks like he’ll still need to stay relatively close range (especially for combos), but he does have a decent ranged kit overall.

His inclusion was almost guaranteed, due to him being one of the prominent characters in Strive’s story mode that wasn’t part of the base roster. This was also the case with Goldlewis and Jack-O’, though it’s fairly likely that the rest of Season Pass 1 will be characters not featured in the main story.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. DLC 4 and 5 of Season Pass 1 are planned for some time in 2022.

Happy Chaos character bio via Arc System Works:

Restorer of Humanity

Gunslinging Broken Messiah

He is the Original, who first discovered the Backyard and taught humanity about magic.
After absorbing half of I-No, he suddenly changed drastically.
He now carries within himself all of humanity’s hope towards living.

He feels that his existence will be forgiven by a greater will when humankind loses their humanity.
The concepts of good and evil are of equal value to him.
He may cause major incidents, but he could also end up on the side of justice.

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