Happy Manager – New PlayStation VR Dating Sim

D3 Publisher announced yet another game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Set to come out in winter 2017, Happy Manager sees to use PlayStation VR to create a perfect environment to date three young ladies. Even though it’s the game’s selling point, Happy Manager is fully playable if you don’t own a PlayStation VR.


The art style of the game is a bit unnerving, reaching that uncanny valley look. When I first saw it I thought it was a psychological horror involving bloodthirsty yandere. Thankfully that can’t be further from the truth. You take role of a mansion’s manager and it is up to you to cater to the needs of its three tenants and, in the long run, win their love. If you obtain the trust of one of the girls, you can drink with them in their rooms or even have them go out on an errand. The game boasts over 28,000 recorded lines for these girls, meaning you shouldn’t hear the same things twice.



Shizuka Sakurai is a kind and caring person. Her lack of common sense just further emphasizes the fact that she is sheltered and comes from a wealthy family. She loves alcohol, but can’t handle it very well.


The Emma Watson of the group is called Barbara Kristine Tachibana. She is half-Japanese high school student who is also a model. Because of her origins she isn’t very sociable and it is up to you to help her fit in.



The crazy pink haired-girl is Himari Takeyama. She is the oldest of the bunch, but also the most unreliable. Show only does things that interest her and quickly ditching that once she loses interest. She also spends her time working at part-time jobs.


The manor has a large number of rooms. However, all of them are vacant except the three our heroines occupy. This is evidently a luxurious manor since it has a fitness gym and pool in the basement accompanied with a locker room all perfect for those accidental encounters.


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