Hard Work Review – One of Steam’s First 18+ Visual Novels (Steam)

I haven’t reviewed a game so gratuitous with sex before, and Hard Work is flush with it. I admit, that’s not really my thing, but I love checking out visual novels on Steam, and I’m interested in one of the very first 18+ titles to be allowed on the platform since Steam’s new policies on sexual content were put into place.


As Gary Stuart, you play as “The Man” — yes, this is what they call him — who works as a sex counselor at Bedside Logistics. You work with clients to help them become more comfortable with sex, as well as professionally counsel them through their troubles. It isn’t as sleazy as it sounds, but it’s still a little bit too racy for me.


Hard Work Review


After answering a variety of non-sex related questions, Hard Work will partner you with one girl between Celeste, Scarlett and Katya, who you will be working with for the next week. Bedside Logistics has been roped in to help raise Industricorp employees’ morale, and this is the testing phase.


President Hart, also a client of yours, decided that the best way to do this would be with professional sex counselling. I was paired with cat-girl Katya, and that makes the already awkward experience of sitting through several sex scenes just ever so slightly more awkward. One eye on the screen, one eye on the bedroom door out of an abundance of paranoia.


Hard Work Review 1


Don’t expect much more from the story other than a vehicle to get you to the multitude of sex scenes. These scenes weren’t for me, especially when the sexual activities started including more (a lot more) people, but I’m not judging you if you enjoy these sexual acts — and, thankfully, neither is Steam, anymore.


I can only compare this to more romantic or suspenseful visual novels, as those are generally what I look for, but Hard Work boasts impressive production values in its visuals, although its soundtrack, whilst enjoyable, lacks variety, and there’s no voice-acting. There are plenty of sex-heavy CGs and so if you’re here for that, then you’ll likely be satisfied with what Hard Work has to offer.


hard work review 4


Hard Work is not a bad game, but it isn’t to my tastes or what I generally enjoy, and I’ve decided that it simply just isn’t for me. The dialogue is quite funny sometimes, and the characters are vastly more likeable than I expected from the little information I had when booting up the game, but it’s hard to recommend this to anyone who doesn’t enjoy smut.


hard work review


However, if you are looking for an explicit visual novel, or maybe you just want to support 18+ sexually-fueled visual novels on Steam, as this is one of the first ones to release on the platform without need of a 18+ patch, then know that it delivers firmly on what it promises.

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