Harvest Moon A New Beginning is finally coming to Europe

So Harvest Moon A New Beginning is finally coming to Europe . Fans of this classic farming sim have not had much to play with lately – with the 3DS only getting a handful of ports from the original DS system. Thankfully, European series fans are about to get their own proper 3DS version.



Released in time for the series 15th anniversary in the US and Japan last year – A New Beginning is the first fully 3D harvest Moon for 3DS – and boasts a level of freedom and customisation that the series hasn’t seen before.


Harvest moon Screenshot 3DS


Not only can you customise your main character with even greater depth than before – but players can also easily rearrange the their farm, and the town, by picking up buildings and placing them where they please!


Harvest Moon A New Beginning 3DS


There’s also much more in the way of additional locations, which give the game a much greater sense of scale. More importantly, there are still plenty of lovely bachelorettes (or bachelors) for you to chase after! 😉


Harvest Moon A New Beginning, Published by Marvelous Europe, is set to release in Q3 this year – which means any time between July and September.


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