Harvest Moon getting a name change for Connect to a New Land

Looks like Harvest Moon will no longer be called Harvest Moon for future installments in the West. The next installment Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land has been picked up by the MarvelousAQl-owned, XSeed games – and will be renamed to ‘Story of Seasons’. Why the change in name? The MAQL-developed title is usually published by Natsume, not Xseed, in the US – and Natsume own the rights to the ‘Harvest Moon‘ name.


Changing the name from Harvest Moon to the US will endure that MAQL can publish as they please without having to rely on Natsume’s say-so – and I would imagine a fairly hefty fee.


So there you have it – Harvest Moon is now Story of Seasons! Love it or hate it – I’ve a funny feeling the name’s here to stay. It’s alo very likely that this name change will also apply to the Uk and Europe as well, where the last title, A New Beginning, was released last year.


Harvest Moon

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