Hatsune Miku VR Game Heading to Steam

 Hatsune Miku VR Game Heading to Steam

Degica Games and Crypton Future Media have teamed up to announce that Hatsune Miku is coming to Steam VR soon! Hatsune Miku VR is a rhythm-action game, and will feature eight playable songs with two difficulties to choose from. It’s not a whole lot, but hopefully it’ll be well-supported!



You can play the game using VR controllers, and Miku will have original choreographed dance routines made exclusively for this game. English, Japanese and Chinese are among the languages supported, with more to be revealed.


hatsune miku vr


Hatsune Miku VR will launch exclusively for Steam VR in the next few months, and this marks the second VR experience for the vocaloid star to hit the West, with a different experience being available on PS4.

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