Help Fund Shenmue 3 via PayPal

Shenmue 3 ended up the most successful video game Kickstarter campaign ever, racking in just over $6.3 million. However, for a return of such an ambitious franchise this sum is definitely nowhere near enough for it to cover the cost of development, especially considering that the development of the original games was upward of 70 million dollars at the time.


Because of this Yu Suzuki opted for the so called Slacker Backer Campaign, this time using PayPal to help fund the game further. All PayPal funding will go to fulfilling the remaining kickstarter stretch goals, which will add more content to the towns in the game. The stretch goals include: ragdoll physics, better AI, and most important of all more mini games.


Shenmue 3 PayPal - Rewards


While this campaign doesn’t change the fact that Shenmue 3’s development is already underway it does offer fans a way to grab rewards that they may otherwise have missed during the Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. As of now this campaign doesn’t offer the PC version as a reward, however it is said to be on the way.



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