My Hero Academia Season 3 is Coming April

The wrap-around jacket for spin-off manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has just revealed that My Hero Academia Season 3 will be hitting screen as soon as 7th April 2018. This third season will retain the staff of the previous seasons, and will once again be animated by the lovely Studio BONES.


This new season is set to adapt the School Trip Arc from the original manga. It’s a fair way ahead of the anime, and there’s a tonne of great content still to be animated, so look forward to it!



It’s not clear yet how many episodes this season will have. The first had 13 episodes, and the last one 25.


The last season covered a lot of ground, adapting the Sports Festival Arc, the Hero Killer Arc, and the Final Exams Arc! I feel like the length of the Sports Festival Arc made the beginning of the last season a little slow, but I’m glad it ended up covering the other arcs too.


Season 2


I’m not sure they’ll spend the whole season just on the School Trip Arc. We may yet see another couple of arcs follow. Later on, the series starts to get some much longer arcs, so we’ll have to see how that goes!


My Hero Academia Season 3 will begin airing on 7th April 2018. Plus ultra!

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