My Hero Academia Stain Confirmed for Season 2, Go Inoue Cast

We’re nearing the middle of My Hero Academia’s pleasingly long 24 episode 2nd season run. It’s been good so far, considering it’s been a “tournament arc” (which, granted, has fantastic moments, esp. for Todoroki fans). Fans of the villainous Stain from the manga will be pleased to see he’ll be appearing this season!


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Stain was already teased in silhouetted form on the key art for the second season, but not much information has been given about what exactly this season will cover. He also was briefly teased at the end of the first season. With the wrapping up of the Sports Festival Arc, the backhalf of the season may cover the bulk of the stellar Field Training Arc, properly introducing many fan favourite characters.


My Hero Academia Stain Confirmed for Season 2, Go Inoue Cast 1
Stain’s iconic pose is in shadow on the top left of this Season 2 key art from a while back.


Without spoiling much, toward the end of the Field Training Arc the heroes-in-training find themselves having to struggle against their first, true villainous threat — Stain. He’s a chaotic and psychotic hero killer with a warped ideology. Things definitely feel like they get pretty real. He hangs over the events of the manga for a while, so it’s unclear quite how much we’ll get to see this season — but fingers crossed to see the entire arc play out to the finale!


He will definitely be appearing in a voiced capacity, as the 27th issue of Shonen Jump has announced Go Inoue will be voicing him. Inoue will already be familiar to fans of another great superhero anime, Tiger & Bunny, where he voices Keith Goodman/Sky High. Of course, he could just be appearing as Stain for a small portion at the end — but I have faith we will get to see plenty this season. I gotta believe!


My Hero Academia Stain Confirmed for Season 2, Go Inoue Cast 2


The issue of Shonen Jump will also show off the anime design of Stain when it’s fully released next week. He’s a dark and menacing presence, so it’ll be interesting to see the approach they take to contrast with the very vibrant and colourful designs of the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia.


For many fans of My Hero Academia the Field Training Arc remains a high point of the series. I’m positively salivating waiting to see the talented animators working on the anime take on this particular rollercoaster!


My Hero Academia Stain Confirmed for Season 2, Go Inoue Cast 3
Stain’s brief cameo at the end of the first season. If you’re not getting it by now: they really love having him in this pose.


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Thanks to Anime News Network for picking up on this casting news!

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