My Hero Ones Justice 2 Hawks DLC Teased

My Hero One’s Justice 2 has a Season Pass which includes 5 new characters and a few customisation items, and one of them has been teased in this scan from the new Weekly Shounen Jump issue. Many thanks to @NiniiSpangle for posting the scan on Twitter! It looks like we’re getting My Hero Ones Justice 2 Hawks DLC.


From the silhouette on the page, the first character of the Season Pass will be none other than Keigo Takami, also known as the Number 2 Pro Hero, Hawks, who made an appearance in the Heroes Rising movie and features prominently in the Pro Hero Arc of the manga which will be adapted in the last two episodes of Season 4 and Season 5. 



Now of course there hasn’t been any release date for the DLC shown, but my guess is that he will release during spring. There are still 4 other DLC characters that are left to be revealed, with my guesses being Gentle Criminal/Danjuro Tobita since the last game also featured a character outside an arc that’s adapted in the game.  I’d also predict Mei Hatsume since she has a character model in the menu and that would cut back time to develop her as a full-fledged DLC character. The last two characters can be totally out of left field and maybe it’s even Class 1-B representation! 


What are your thoughts on the fact that Hawks will be DLC for the game? Let us know and feel free to join the Official Rice Discord Server to talk about this game and many more topics! 


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