V-Jump Highlights My Hero One’s Justice Game Modes

V-Jump has uploaded a series of gameplay videos showing off different My Hero One’s Justice game modes! Over 35 minutes of gameplay across the videos gives us a good look at Story Mode, Mission Mode, Character Customisation, and Free Battle! The videos don’t have translations, but they’re still great for seeing the game in more detail!


Part 1 – Story Mode (Iida vs Stain)

This was such a striking and dramatic fight! Playing through it is bound to be a lot of fun. Incorporating stills of the anime as comic panels for the story sections is a nice touch too. It’s very dynamic!


Part 2 – Mission Mode

In Mission Mode, you take on a series of challenges with specific conditions to earn experience for your characters and get items and Hero Coins as a reward!


Part 3 – Character Customisation

Customise your favourite characters with costumes and accessories in a range of colours and patterns! There are some odd items you can equip here. Cover a character in tiny Minetas just because you can!


You can unlock some of the items by completing the challenges in Mission Mode. Equipment seems to have different rarity values too, so I guess there’s either going to be stats attached to different items or some kind of gacha system to obtain particular things.


Part 4 – Free Battle

Screenshots are all well and good, but seeing All For One in action is something else! With free reign over both your own and your opponent’s team set-ups, Free Battle is a great opportunity to have a go at match-ups you wouldn’t otherwise get to see.


A better look at the My Hero One’s Justice game modes just makes me more hyped for the game! The western release isn’t hugely far off now and I’m really looking forward to getting hands-on with it!


V-Jump Highlights My Hero One's Justice Game Modes

My Hero One’s Justice releases on August 23rd in Japan for PS4 and Switch and on October 26th in North America and Europe for PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. You can read more about the game here.

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