Hideo Baba Interview Discusses Studio Istolia and Project Prelude Rune

The latest Weekly Famitsu issue features a Hideo Baba interview, discussing his new role at Studio Istolia and the upcoming Project Prelude Rune recently announced by Square Enix.




Here are the highlights:


– I was entrusted with a big IP in my previous job, but, doing business outside of games, I decided it was time to pass the baton to my juniors.

– When I thought of how many games I could make in the future, I decided I wanted to try and reach many RPG players. That’s why I knocked on Square Enix’s door last October.

– The studio’s mascot character was designed by Toshiyuki Itahana, character designer for the Chocobo games. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’d like to see it appear in future games.

Hideo Baba Interview Discusses Studio Istolia and Project Prelude Rune

– In my new work, I want the world to express “kindness” and “warmth”. Rather than a violent atmosphere, I want to make a game that makes you think ‘I want to enter that warm world right away’.

– I want to express inspiration from the anime and comics I’ve become familiar with since I was a child.

– After returning to the origins of fantasy, I want to make a straightforward middle-fantasy project. The world will have various races, such as Norse mythology, dwarves, and elves.

– I don’t want to change the ‘Baba’ quality – showing the growth of characters and having a strong message.

About the game’s release, he expressed a sense of when it will be released cannot be given at this point. He also said that they have a strong desire to stick with stationary consoles, but would like to consider platforms that have business opportunities, including smartphones, and they want to bring things overseas.


Studio Istolia interview

Studio Istolia is intended as a group of people that create stories, and Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda added that he wants Baba to make a new IP while discovering new talent.

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