HideoTube Episode 4: Eating with Kojima, Insider Secrets, Indie Music and More

Eat a nice meal with Kojima, hear him talk about his favorite music and movies and also get all the exciting insider info about his big reveal at E3! In this episode he also gives quite an interesting commentary about the Death Stranding trailer.


This episode of HideoTube takes us to Sony Interactive Entertainment offices in Japan and we get a sample of the mouthwatering food available at their PlayStation Park – PlayStation’s food court. It seems Sony really takes their interior design to the next level with their custom made tables with the familiar button design, as well as light cubes with the same patterns!


The central point in this video is of course Kojima’s commentary over the controversial trailer shown at E3. He revealed that they went so far as to scan everything they could as a means for making a more realistic world. Kojima explained the technology behind the making of this trailer. They used virtual cameras, that were up to know, only used for filming high budget movies in Hollywood. Advanced 3D image scans were employed in creating crabs, rocks and the shore in the trailer. And of course all this fancy technology was used for a naked, crying Norman Reedus. Kojima revealed that he wanted to show that side to him, as opposed to his usual cool persona. He later explained his choice of the song included in the trailer and touched upon his love of music.


Then we got a glimpse of Kojima’s appearance at E3, but this time up close and personal. Kojima noted how stages can be deadly slippery, so we are very happy that he didn’t get into any mishaps. You can find more exciting info in the video.




Kojima also used this opportunity to invite fans to send their fan artwork on Twitter at @KojiPro2015_EN.

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