Higurashi Sui Creeping Its Way To PS3 and Vita

Higurashi came out in 2002 and its author could have never imagined how successful it would be. Higurashi quickly became one of the most popular doujin games ever. In 2006 came the PS2 port, which had redrawn CGs and voice acting, while in 2007 Higurashi arrived on the DS, both versions with different additional chapters. Finally next year it’s time for the Higurashi curse to make its way to the PlayStation 3 and Vita.


The story of Higurashi is one that pulls you in, with the perfect mix of horror and mystery that keeps you wanting more. You play as Maebara Keiichi, who just moved to Hinamizawa with his parents. Despite his relaxed life there he soon realizes there is something very sinister hiding behind the town’s apparent peaceful atmosphere.



This upcoming version is appropriately titled as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui, which translates to Higurashi When They Cry -The Best-. The game will be out in Japan on March 12th 2015.


Higurashi Sui - 1

Where the original 8 chapters required 100+ hours to finish, this edition will dwarf that number, as it is said to take over 200 hours to clear everything. The reason for this is the inclusion of not only the original question and answer chapters, but also the PS2 and DS exclusive ones.


Higurashi Sui - 2

Everything has been improved. The resolution was increased for the new systems, ensuring for a crisp experience, finally matching the standard of the Umineko PS3 port. This version will include over 100 songs with 16 new ones. Additionally all characters are finally fully voiced even in the TIPS section.


Higurashi Sui - 3

The PlayStation 3 version is priced at 7,980 and 7,000 yen without tax, for the boxed and download version respectively. The PlayStation Vita edition is 1,000 yen cheaper for each version. The game will feature cross-save so it owners of both versions will be able to digest this enormous adventure wherever they go.


Higurashi Sui - 4

Considering its scope and the fact that its coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita in 2015, the chance of this getting a localization is slim at best. Fortunately the original PC game has made its way to the west and falls among the best visual novels to date, while those a bit more patient can expect a Steam version with reworked graphics in the future.


Higurashi Sui - 5

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