Hot Rice Anime Round Up – issue 3

The weather is cold, we have no snow but a few anime’s to look forward to at least! FUNimation have announced their release slate, which includes the debuts of OniAi Jormungand, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (L.E) and Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, and the next installments of One Piece , Fairy Tail and Aquarion Evol (L.E).


Here are my choices picks from the new slate.



After six years of living apart due to the death of their parents, the Himenokōji twins, Akito and Akiko, are finally reunited when Akito desires to live as a family once more. Although things are fine at first, Akiko begins to express her incestuous love for her older brother, who only sees her as his little sister. From the images online expecta  lot of fan service and laughs.







Jormungand was originally a manga series by Keitarō Takahashi, published in North America by Viz Media. The first season has been licensed by Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom and Dybex in France. Both seasons have been licensed by FUNimation Entertainment in North America. The series follows Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer who sells weapons under HCLI, an international shipping corporation that secretly deals in the arms trade. As one of the company’s unofficial weapon dealers, she secretly sells weapons in many countries while avoiding the local authorities and law enforcement agencies as it’s all very illegal. Traveling with her bodyguards, her latest addition to her crew is Jonah, a seemingly emotionless child soldier.






Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Based on a Japanese light novel series by Tetsuto Uesu. A 12-episode anime adaptation by Arms aired between July and September, 2012. It has been licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America. Arezard Akatsuki, known as a Rogue Hero in the fantasy world decided to take upon the request of the defeated Demon King to take his daughter with him. After bringing her back to the world he came from, Akatsuki brought her to join Babel, an academy-like organization that specializes in training those who came from the other world.






Nisemonogatari – Part 1 (Blu-Ray & DVD)

Monogatari is a series of Japanese light novels written by Japanese novelist Nisio Isin and illustrated by acclaimed Taiwanese illustrator Vofan who did the art for game Time & Eternity last year. Nisemonogatari the third season in this series follows the black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before.






We also have  the following boxsets available to keep us entertained if the Christmas tv doesn’t float our boat ! Arakawa Under the Bridge – Complete Season 2 Collection, Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 2 (blu-ray), Naruto Shippuden Box Set 15, Shangri-La Part, Black Lagoon – Roberta’s Blood Trail (blu-ray & DVD), Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection, Fairy Tail Part 5 (blu-ray & DVD), Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing Part 1 (blu-ray & DVD) and Sword Art Online – Part 1 (BD+DVD combo & DVD).





Aisha’s Random Bet

Nisemonogatari – curses = cool

Stink bomb – Naruto Shippuden people die, stop resurrecting people – it’s annoying !

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