How does Doraemon hold things?

Have you ever wondered how Doraemon, the Powerpuff girls, Kirby and many other characters survive without fingers? How could their freakishly rounded stumps possibly pick anything up? It’s been a mystery for years. After extensive research I’ve finally found the answer! 



For those of you that don’t look at pictures of Doraemon and the Powerpuff girls on a daily basis like I do, here’s a quick reminder:


Everyone’s favourite Doraemon

Close up of Doraemon's hand holding glass of juice

Not everyone’s favourite Power Puff Girls close up of powerpuff girl hands


You see the hands and say, “Impossible, there’s no way that rounded knobs like that can function as hands”   Well, apparently it ispossible – and here’s how it’s done!


For those of you that didn’t understand the video here’s a simple explanation. SCIENCE!


If you take a powdered substance such as ground coffee and put it in a round container so that it’s loose, you’ll end up with something like a bean bag. The shape of the bean bag can easily be changed by applying pressure to it.


If you then suck out all the air inside of the bean bag the particles will be so closely packed together that they won’t be able to move. As a result the bean bag will solidify in its current state. Using this concept, you can place the bean bag on an item so that it molds to its shape and then solidify it so that it grabs the object!

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