Hump Day Husbandos: Agent Six (Combatants Will Be Dispatched!)

Hump Day Husbandos

Working for an evil corporation can be touch and go sometimes, but Combat Agent Six – usually just referred to as Agent Six or just Six throughout the show – tries to make it work for him. But can a guy whose entire job centres around him being evil really be worthy of a Hump Day Husbandos article? I am going to say yes, because even when he is being evil he is usually such a slacker that he barely counts as evil anymore.

For this week’s Hump Day Husbando, we’ll be looking at Agent Six from the Combatants Will Be Dispatched! series.

Who is Agent Six?

Agent Six

Usually an isekai protagonist has to die to get sent to a new world, but Agent Six just needed to wait until his bosses sent him on assignment. As one of the top combat agents for the evil Kisaragi Corporation, he is sent on a recon mission on a new world. Once there, he is tasked with destabilising the local populace to allow for an invasion force from Kisaragi in the future.

Just basic evil corporation stuff, really.

For the Kisaragi Corporation, the term “evil” isn’t just a description of them but a way of life, and Agent Six does his best to live up to that high standard of evil. In order to fund his activities on the planet, he has to earn Evil Points from his bosses by committing vile acts on the people around him. Because if you’re going to be an evil corporation, you should lean all the way into that trope.

Six’s preferred method of earning these points is somewhat typical of an anime protagonist. He goes and does lewd and perverted acts on the people around him.

Why we love him

Agent Six’s reaction to being sent to his new planet is one of frustration until he realises that this is an isekai anime. He quickly finds a harem of women to join his special elite squad of fighters and occasionally sexually harass, all in his quest to earn Evil Points from his company so he can afford new and exciting combat equipment. There is something amusing about seeing him act much like a typical anime protagonist but with the constant reminder that his behaviour, while amusing, is decidedly evil.

Of course, as a typical anime protagonist, Agent Six can’t always get something as simple as being evil right. Throughout the anime we see him act selflessly and with a surprising amount of kindness for someone so dedicated to an obviously evil cause. Not that he has a strong moral compass or even a fully functional one, but it is interesting to see how he tries to be evil when it obviously isn’t entirely in his nature.

Why you’ll love him

Agent Six has exactly my level of schoolboy humour. For example, upon finding a mystical artifact that a desert kingdom uses to make it rain, he promptly changes the password for operating it. This forces the princess to say “Dick Festival” at the top of her lungs anytime she wants the crops to grow or the rivers to run. He is childish and silly, but it is all in a day’s work for a combat agent for the evil Kisaragi Corporation.

He is stupid and rude and more than a little bit creepy, but that is just standard for an isekai protagonist. At least Agent Six has the decency to know he’s being a creep. Everything he does is for the greater good… err, evil.

If you’d like to catch Agent Six’s exploits, all 12 episodes of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! is available to stream from Funimation.

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